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Hotel Openings & Acquisitions

Few events are more exciting than the opening of a new hotel, and a merger or acquisition is equally significant news. Make sure to announce your corporate growth to the hotel industry by creating and distributing a Hotel Newswire news release.

Expansions & Renovations

When a hotel chooses to expand or renovate an existing property, it is important news. Share your development plans with the hotel industry at large through a Hotel Newswire news release. It is also a great way to inform existing customers and to communicate with future guests.

Executive Appointments

Announce to the hotel industry who has accepted a leadership position within your organization. Acknowledge and promote the professional experience, background and skills of your new hires.

Market Research & Trends Reports

Hotel Newswire is the preferred distribution channel for leading consultants and researchers who perform market analysis and generate reports pertaining to trends in the hotel industry. Ensure that your reports are received and read by the broadest possible audience through a Hotel Newswire news release.

Product & Services Announcements

Promote new or existing products in order to inform, excite, inspire and motivate your customer base. Highlight in detail a product's features and benefits. Distinguish your products and services from the competition with a well-crafted news release.

Special Deals & Hotel Packages

Savvy marketing professionals are continually creating Special Deals and Hotel Packages to entice guests to their properties, and there is no better way to promote these deals than through a Hotel Newswire news release. Our releases are read by thousands of industry travel agents who, in turn, make their customers aware of these attractive offers. Create a Hotel Newswire news release to announce your latest deals and packages.

Conferences & Events

Let industry professionals know which trade shows, conferences and conventions you're attending or participating in. Maximize your visibility and exposure at event functions. Link your news release to a registration page in order to pre-arrange sales meetings and appointments.

Corporate News

Share your news with the hotel industry in order to maximize your exposure and media reach. Take credit for your business success and accomplishments. Establish yourself and your business as an industry leader.

Hotel Technology

Technology is entrenched in every phase of hotel management, marketing and operations, and the blistering pace of new developments continues unabated. Share your company's latest, cutting-edge, tech-based products & services industry-wide through a Hotel Newswire news release.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Sustainable Development is a movement that's here to stay. More and more hotels are focusing on eco-friendly practices including water efficiency; waste reduction and recycling; sustainable design, furnishings and building materials; and sustainable food and energy sources. Take credit for the great work your company is doing in this important area and share it with the hotel industry at large in the form of a Hotel Newswire news release.

"Our hotel company is comprised of many different lodging brands. In order to generate the industry access and publicity I'm seeking, I always include a Hotel Newswire news release as part of my marketing mix."
- Al Cohen
Public Relations Manager
Vantage Hospitality Group
"In my position as a Marketing and PR Manager, it is my responsibility to generate positive press for our company worldwide. I know from experience that by using Hotel Newswire the results I'm seeking will be achieved."
- Alejandra Moreno Tejada
E-Marketing and PR Manager
Evolution Distribution
"Thanks to Hotel Newswire we have increased our ability to communicate our message to more decision-makers in the hotel industry. The service is easy to use, and helpful in identifying new client opportunities."
- Mariana Mechoso Safer
Senior Vice President, Marketing
HeBS digital

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