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John Welty

Many guests will remember the start of hotel sustainability programs as the little placards in hotel rooms asking guests to reuse towels if possible, to help conserve water. In many cases investments in more environmentally friendly operations have gone well beyond the impact of laundry on the hotel's carbon footprint. However, like all good deeds, there can be unintended consequences. READ MORE

Merrick Dresnin

Hospitality went from a crisis of near business destruction due to the pandemic to a new crisis of chronic understaffing and record numbers of guests. Ask anyone why we cannot take care of these guests, and they answer we just do not have enough people. I have a different view of our problem. While we may not have as many people as we would like, we are not understaffed! READ MORE

Thomas B. Meier

Having a solid foundation in place helped Avani, a Minor Hotel Group brand, to quickly roll out a range of enhanced safety and hygiene measures when the pandemic hit. Many months on, it has launched a number of new initiatives, while many of its hotels are re-imaging traditional hotel experiences altogether. READ MORE

Erik Wolf

The pandemic has forced changes in many areas of our lives, including how we experience travel and hospitality. Hoteliers and other hospitality providers have had to pivot and innovate, just to be able to survive. While introduced during adverse circumstances, these changes that include greater use of technology and a more concerted effort to focus on the well-being of the human workforce, are actually contributing to the betterment of our industry. READ MORE

Clifton Clark

As hotels reopen and begin to resume business, the effects Covid has had on the Food & Beverage world present new challenges. Hotels are working to balance product shortages, price increases and unpredictable deliveries while remaining committed to delivering a consistent, quality guest experience. Successfully adapting to these changes requires creativity, planning, flexibility and stronger interdepartmental collaboration. READ MORE

Bruce Wright

With greater flexibility in working remotely, people are creating their own work-life balance and extending vacations to blend work, exploration, and leisure. Slower travel, opportunities for nature and cultural immersion, and experiences built around hobbies and interests are in high demand. How can designers leverage hybrid hotel concepts to resonate with today's travelers and hotel branded residence buyers? READ MORE

Stefan  Read

Before the pandemic, the lines between restaurant, grocery, and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) were blurring, and COVID further accelerated this trend, changing how they shopped, cooked, and even ate. Stefan Read from Jackman offers insight into how consumer needs and expectations have changed, and what restaurants can do to successfully embrace growing trends in the food industry. READ MORE

Guy Maisnik

Hotel lawyer Guy Maisnik discusses how hotels can create high-quality food and beverage programs while maintaining profitability. He explores the challenges hotel owners face when determining a food and beverage strategy, the legal and business issues that should guide management in navigating the post-pandemic marketplace, and whether a third party should be engaged to handle F&B. READ MORE

Cynthia Mejia

While a return to normalcy in hotel F&B operations will take some time to achieve, recruitment and retention in this area has struggled even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Post-pandemic business and recruitment strategies in hotel F&B call for a new paradigm, inclusive of the training and development of the newest generational cohort, Gen Z, now entering the workforce. READ MORE

Kim Haasarud

You never know what really is just a fad or what is signaling a change in the industry. But the rise in non-alcoholic (NA) spirits available on the market and the buzz around them is taking on a whole new momentum. The increased visibility of NA beverages is being driven by the #SoberCurious movement, sparking many Facebook groups and demands for more zero-proof drinks. READ MORE

Matias Pesce

V&E Restaurant Group's Matias Pesce discusses hotel food and beverage best practices that all hoteliers and restaurateurs should know, as well as issues impacting restaurants that reside in hotels. Matias also breaks down the opening of the restaurant group's Cafe Americano brand, and how they opened three new locations in both Las Vegas and Miami Beach during a pandemic. READ MORE

Rob Stone

Hotels and casinos are beginning to see the food and beverage industry bounce back after pivoting during the pandemic in order to benefit the guests, employees and company as a whole. THE ROW Reno's Vice President of Food and Beverage, Entertainment Rob Stone shares what he predicts to be the long-lasting trends in the F&B industry within hotels and casinos. READ MORE

Sergio MacLean

For many hotels, the pandemic led to the sterilization of the hospitality experience. With hotels serving as an escape from reality, did these changes burst the bubble that travel creates, hurting recovery in the long run? Sergio Maclean of Mac&Lo Hospitality explores how optimizing guest experience does not have to mean compromising safety, and will ultimately help set the tone for building back to business as usual. READ MORE

Ilana Alberico

The "one-size-fits-all" spa model no longer serves guests and spa therapists post-pandemic. As self-care and paths to well-being have become paramount, today's spa guests are demanding customized treatments that address their specific needs. At the same time, staffing has become the spa industry's number one challenge. READ MORE

Mariana Palmeiro

The rapid growth of the wellness tourism sector sees no sign of slowing down, with modern life and the pandemic making wellbeing even more central in consumer decision making. Co-Founder and Head Wellness Consultant at Well Culture and visiting lecturer at Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches, Mariana Palmeiro, discusses how hotels can seize this wellness opportunity to increase revenue and deliver an aligned experience for their guests. READ MORE

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