A Look at the Post-Pandemic Recovery for Hotels in California

Today’s Branded Properties Can Offer Market-Specific Features

USA, San Francisco, California. November 29, 2022

After the isolation of the pandemic, people are ready to come together in public spaces once again.

The public's desire for a social atmosphere gives hotels the perfect opportunity to go beyond the typical lodging identity and create a hub for the community, where local residents and visitors can gather to collaborate, relax and celebrate in a vibrant, inviting environment.

Having an open-concept design allows guests to embrace the many unique elements a hotel has to offer and move fluidly from one room to another. Whether a visitor is there for check-in or stopping in to enjoy a meal, all guests immediately feel welcomed into the hotel upon entering rather than isolated to one area.

Hotel Haya is dedicated to blending community, cuisine and culture through an open-concept experience. As guests enter Hotel Haya, they are welcomed into not just a lobby, but a lively community space inspired by Tampa's unique spirit and history. From fine dining to a cozy corner coffee shop, visitors are encouraged to explore the multi-faceted space and all it's offerings, connect with others, and immerse themselves in the soulful, historic atmosphere. For Tampa residents, the property's design offers deep connection to the area through it's period fabrics, "mid-century Cuban" decor and contemporary and classic art, including four large reproduced paintings from Francisco Goya, one of the most influential Spanish artists of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Hotel Haya's lobby serves an open space to welcome visitors.

The Importance of the Lobby

In any hotel, the lobby is the central hub. This area is what a guest sees first when they enter and what they last see before they leave. From the lobby's layout to the small fixtures and details included in the lobby design, it is crucial for this space to give a lasting impression of the hotel and its purpose from the moment a guest walks in.

At Hotel Haya, the spacious lobby is the main port to the rest of the hotel. As guests enter, they will not only see where they check-in for their stay, but the hotel's dining options and courtyard area as well. The purpose of this design is to showcase notable components of the hotel right away, providing a quick preview of the unique offerings for guests, and inviting them to explore further. From the large windows looking out into the tropical courtyard to the short set of steps leading into the dining area, Hotel Haya visitors are able to weave seamlessly throughout the many areas near the lobby, and do not have to go far to feel welcomed or experience something new.

The lobby itself is designed to welcome guests immediately, featuring warm tones of brown and gold that are delicately used to immerse guests in a comforting environment. In front of the check-in desk, a circular seating bench is placed for guests to have a seat and take a look around the hotel's interior, or view the creative collaborations on display from local artists, artisans and businesses in the area.

As guests become familiar with the hotel and its surroundings upon their first step inside, they can immediately begin to feel welcomed and prompted to explore the rest of the space.



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