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Categories Include Fourteen Types of Boutique Hotels

USA, New York, California. March 03, 2020

As the boutique hotel industry reaches its eleven-year milestone since it's augmented rebirth, the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association, more than ever, provides a touchstone for boutique hotels and boutique businesses. To commemorate the occasion, BLLA is releasing the classical first draft of boutique hotel categories and definitions to add clarity to this diverse and burgeoning commerce.

The Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association, commonly known as BLLA, continues to lead its ongoing commitment to providing clarity to the boutique hotel industry. Today, in an effort to recognize the ever-evolving nature of the business, it is publishing its groundbreaking categorization of the various kinds of boutique hotels in the world. With an unprecedented, comprehensive list of initial fourteen unique types of boutique hotels, BLLA re-establishes and cements the boutique hotel enterprise as a field of its own, no longer simply a sub-type of a broader hotel enterprise.

In the eleven years since the boutique hotel movement was reinstituted with the creation of BLLA, the official boutique lifestyle association, the definition of the boutique hotel has expanded to include a number of boutique types never previously considered in the earlier stages. This evolution into a world of its own has given the boutique hotel sector a scope every bit as significant as the traditional hotel. BLLA's goal is to define the modern boutique hotel for both the hospitality field and the travelers themselves.

Most recently, it became clear that this new movement was deserving of a title of its own. In 2019, BLLA coined the term "modern renaissance" in hospitality, for the astounding period of renewal and expansion which the boutique hotel field continues to experience. This "modern renaissance" brings awareness to the multiple types of boutique hotels and associated boutique businesses - such as fitness studios, retail stores, art galleries, craft coffee shops, and much more - all of whom are associated with this emerging new industry.

With such a broad range of boutique hotels shaping and influencing the modern boutique renaissance, BLLA partners and founders began to undertake the task of defining and categorizing the many types of overnight experiences. Among the various diverse boutique hotels are the expected traditional and luxury properties as well as singular additions. These include hotels like the "Boutique on a Budget," with its emphasis on social space and limited amenities, and the "Adventure Boutique," with a focus on interactive adventure travel.

The result of such extensive research into the numerous boutique offerings available today, the first draft of BLLA's comprehensive Boutique Hotel Category List features specifications for design type, price point, food and beverage programs, and other amenities offered. The list fulfills BLLA's ultimate goal of providing a guide with unmatched transparency for the hospitality industry's perusal, as well as brings some much needed insight for travelers, enabling them to identify boutique options available for their patronage.

With this crucial addition to the boutique hotel world, BLLA is providing the new benchmark for boutique archetypes as well as work on future programs to support them. Along with the continuing evolution of the modern boutique renaissance, this monumental step has ushered in a new era of hospitality. As the boutique field embarks into 2020 and beyond, BLLA will continue to provide support to each authentically and verified boutique hotel as the community grows.

Notably, BLLA connects boutique lifestyle professionals with dynamic individuals who can provide unprecedented insights and solutions. The Association's mission is to provide members with educational and leadership opportunities, both for improvement and innovation as well as to increase boutique recognition across the globe. In addition, association membership provides access to the world's most notable hospitality and management companies, owners, developers, and investors.

Being the original organization for boutique hotels and businesses since 2009, The Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association was created to unify, empower, educate and advocate for a growing community of creators within the dynamic realm of the boutique lifestyle-not only establishing and maintaining industry standards, but boldly advancing its cultural impact and category innovation.

BLLA firmly believes that increasing access to this valuable and strategic information can help ensure the burgeoning independent boutique lifestyle continues to thrive. By ensuring that both individual member owners and companies as well as a curated list of service providers, receive support and assistance, research and guidance, BLLA strengthens the organization as well as the industry itself. Find the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association at

"Boutique is not a thing, it's not a store, it's not a room - it's an experience. It's something that incorporates all five senses in our current culture."
Frances Kiradjian, CEO

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