Employer of Choice or Last Resort? Five Key Methods to Attract Great Employees

By Caroline Cooper President, Zeal Coaching | May 29, 2011

The recruitment process can be costly, so any business that wants to try to and attract the perfect employee and get them up and running with a minimum of disruption. Management time to sift through all the applications, let alone advertising, interviewing, and induction, all take their toll. And that's without considering the potential lost opportunities for productivity, customer service and increased sales due to lack of key staff. So what exactly can you be doing to attract and hire the best employees to your hotel?

1. Build Your Reputation

Create a culture where the best employees will want to work, and build a reputation as a good employer so you attract the best people. A prerequisite is looking after (and retaining) your existing staff; they are far more likely to recommend you to others and spread the word that it's a great place to work.

Monitor the reputation of your business; listen to what your staff say, especially those who leave. Conducting exit interviews with staff who leave can provide you with valuable feedback, providing you are prepared to listen and take on board their comments. It will help you to pinpoint the main causes of staff turnover e.g. poor conditions, lack of leadership, low pay relative to comparable positions, few opportunities for progression, sour relationships, so you're in a position to address these. Keep an eye on social media sites too, to see what people are saying about you. Even if you think comments are unfounded, ask what's prompted the comments.

Put yourself forward for awards to help build your repetition as a good employer, and use every opportunity to get your name known. Think about what your prospective employees will be looking for and will be important to them in looking for that perfect job and a good employer.

2. Know what you're both looking for

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Human Resources: An Era of Transition

Traditionally, the human resource department administers five key areas within a hotel operation - compliance, compensation and benefits, organizational dynamics, selection and retention, and training and development. However, HR professionals are also presently involved in culture-building activities, as well as implementing new employee on-boarding practices and engagement initiatives. As a result, HR professionals have been elevated to senior leadership status, creating value and profit within their organization. Still, they continue to face some intractable issues, including a shrinking talent pool and the need to recruit top-notch employees who are empowered to provide outstanding customer service. In order to attract top-tier talent, one option is to take advantage of recruitment opportunities offered through colleges and universities, especially if they have a hospitality major. This pool of prospective employees is likely to be better educated and more enthusiastic than walk-in hires. Also, once hired, there could be additional training and development opportunities that stem from an association with a college or university. Continuing education courses, business conferences, seminars and online instruction - all can be a valuable source of employee development opportunities. In addition to meeting recruitment demands in the present, HR professionals must also be forward-thinking, anticipating the skills that will be needed in the future to meet guest expectations. One such skill that is becoming increasingly valued is “resilience”, the ability to “go with the flow” and not become overwhelmed by the disruptive influences  of change and reinvention. In an era of transition—new technologies, expanding markets, consolidation of brands and businesses, and modifications in people's values and lifestyles - the capacity to remain flexible, nimble and resilient is a valuable skill to possess. The March Hotel Business Review will examine some of the strategies that HR professionals are employing to ensure that their hotel operations continue to thrive.