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Ms. Gendron

Mary Gendron

Senior Vice President / Managing Director, Eric Mower & Associates

Mary Gendron is a brand communications specialist whose journalism education and early experience in trade magazine publishing set the stage for a stellar career in public relations. Her broad industry experience has included in-depth focus in hospitality, spa, travel, tourism, real estate and luxury lifestyle clients worldwide. Past and current clients include Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Capella Hotels & Resorts, KSL Resorts, Starwood, Singapore Airlines, Celebrity Cruises, St. Lucia, International Spa Association (ISPA) and International Association of Conference Centers.

    Ms. Gendron was a longtime co-owner of Middleton & Gendron Brand Communications which combined with Mower in late 2014. Mower is a leading independent advertising, marketing, and public relations agency whose Midtown Manhattan location, which Ms. Gendron leads, is one of nine offices which operate as one with a shared bottom line. Together, they provide clients across many industries with a full range of marketing services guided by the agency's Brand as Friend® philosophy. Brand As Friend is grounded in nine scientifically proven drivers of friendship and is designed to foster and strengthen the bond between a brand and its constituents. The agency has won countless awards based on work for a wide range of clients.

    Ms. Gendron received the 2011 Winthrop W. Grice Lifetime Achievement Award in Public Relations from Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International. She was a founding board member of ISPA and of Washington Spa Alliance. She also served on the board of New York Spa Alliance and has been a delegate to the Global Wellness Summit.

    Please visit https://www.mower.com/travel-and-tourism/ for more information.

    Ms. Gendron can be contacted at 212-980-9065 or mgendron@mower.com

    Coming up in July 2019...

    Hotel Spa: Pursuing Distinction

    The Wellness Movement continues to evolve and hotel spas continue to innovate in order to keep pace. Fueled by intense competition within the industry, hotel spas are seeking creative ways to differentiate themselves in the market. An increasing number of customers are searching for very specific, niche treatments that address their particular health concerns and, as a result, some leading spas have achieved distinction by offering only one specialized treatment. Meditation and mindfulness practices are becoming increasingly mainstream as are alternative treatments and therapies, such as Ayurvedic therapies, Reiki, energy work and salt therapy. Some spas specialize in stress management and offer lifestyle coaching sessions as part of their program.  Other spas are fully embracing new technologies as a way to differentiate themselves, such as providing wearable devices that track health and fitness biomarkers, or robots programmed with artificial intelligence to control spa environments, or virtual reality add-ons that transport guests to relaxing places around the world. Some spas have chosen to specialize in medical procedures such as liposuction, laser skin therapy, phototherapy facials, Botox and facial fillers, acupuncture and permanent hair removal, in addition to cosmetic body shaping procedures and  teeth whitening treatments. Similarly, other spas are offering comprehensive health check-ups and counseling services for those who are interested in disease prevention treatments. Finally, as hotel spas continue to become more diverse, accessible and specialized, there is a growing demand for health professionals with a specific area of expertise. There is a proliferation of top class, quality wellness practitioners who make a name for themselves by offering their services around the globe, including athletes, chefs, doctors, physical trainers and weight loss specialists. The July issue of the Hotel Business Review will report on these trends and developments and examine how some hotel spas are integrating them into their operations.